Saturday, May 23, 2009

Great vacation!

Had a great vacation this week and it's almost over. We head back to work on Monday, the 25th and I guess I'm ready. I'm ready to get back in a routine anyway. Ready to get back on my WW plan too. Gotta, gotta, gotta lose some of this weight so I can feel better.

Planning a 50th wedding anniversary party for Mom and Dad to be held this October. Getting pictures together for a montage and thinking of ideas on decorations and how to display the pics.

Visited the grands while we were off and we had so much fun. We visited the three in Huntsville, AL but didn't get to see the 2 in Cleveland this week. Maybe if rain holds off we can go tomorrow for a bit. We have had SO much rain this year that it's unbelievable.

Will post another of the pics that Jilly took of Nelson and myself. I really like this black and white one. I printed it out in 8x10 size, framed it and it's now on our fireplace mantel. It really is a good shot. Casual shots are so much more interesting than studio poses.

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