Monday, December 28, 2009

Treasured Gift

I blogged last night about receiving the antique silver cake server that's been passed down to me from my maternal grandmother. I guess I was too lazy to get a photo of it so I'm including it with this post.Click on the picture to enlarge it so you can read the note; it is so sweet!

Had a good 1st day back at work after the holidays. The 'crud' is going around the office but I think I had my worst days with it last week. My supervisor, Debbie, felt lousy today. We tried to get her to go home starting at 1:00 but she's hard-headed and didn't leave til 4:30. Christy, if you read this you can fuss at your Mama!

I'm a devoted reader of James Patterson's Alex Cross novels. I just finished 'I, Alex Cross' and it is FANTASTIC! I've never read a Cross novel that was bad but this one is exceptionally good. I only wish Mr. Patterson wrote as fast as I read LOL! Here's a pic of the book below. If you like to read mystery novels, this will not disappoint you.

I usually wait and buy the paperbook editions but I wanted to read this one so much I splurged and bought the hardback. I read the books that I really like many, many times so I want to start getting them in hardback so they'll last forever. I've got quite a few books in my collection but 99% of them are paperback. Some of my favorites have been read a dozen times or more.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Tuesday and God Bless You!

4 blog friends left a treasured comment:

Blondie said...

Hi Sweetie! Great post! I love Patterson too, and usually buy the hardback versions, but I get an educator discount! They get so expensive. I appreciate you visiting yesterday and commenting on my Kat Von D post. Although I love tattoos, I often wonder about that gravity thing too...hope she doesn't look gross when she's older! Have a great New Year honey! Kori xoxo

Lynn Stevens said...

What a wonderful keepsake to pass down in the family. I'm sure you will treasure it. Hope you had a Wonderful Christmas. It looks like it from your pictures. Wishing you a joyous New Year!

Christy said...

Mom loves James Patterson, too. Did she get you hooked on him or was it the other way around?

TheresainMS said...

Thanks for visiting!

Christy, I'm not sure who started the James Patterson thing. I've been reading him for years but it's alot more fun when your Mom and I can actually discuss all the plots and subplots. We're always careful not to give anything away to the other one though :-)