Tuesday, February 9, 2010

And now we're back home...again!

Had a bit of trouble with an erratic heartbeat so Nelson had to go back into the hospital the same day we came home (the 1st time). We've been back home about a week and a half now and all is going relatively well. Still some problems with medications to work out but he's doing very well overall. Advice for anyone who faces heart bypass surgery or helping care for someone who has the surgery: this surgery affects your entire body and mind, not just your heart. I don't know how it does it but it does.

I am back working and he's recuperating at home for a few more weeks. I wish I could be with him 24/7 but that's just not feasible for us. He wouldn't want it anyway. He's very self-sufficient and does not want to be fussed over. Not the ideal patient but we've worked out a system that works. I don't smother him and he tries to show his appreciation for what we do for him.

I'm looking forward to life returning to normal and getting back to my regular blogging/visiting schedule. I'm having trouble focusing on anything other than Nelson's recovery at this point. He doesn't sleep well which affects my sleep too.

Enough rambling for tonight; thanks to everyone for all the prayers and good wishes. They really do mean so much to us. Have a great week and God Bless You!

2 blog friends left a treasured comment:

Cindy Shea said...

So glad all is going well with the two of you. Keep him resting and you get some yourself... :)

Christy said...

I'm glad ya'll are home...again. I'm sure it's hard not to fuss over him, but people with that type of personality always recover sooner than the "poor me" types :)