Sunday, May 30, 2010

Busy weekend

Finally got a phone call from Blake. He says AF boot camp is going well. The recruits are all tired but getting into the groove of things. It was so good to hear from him, even if the phone call was limited to 5 minutes.

Husband and I had to make a trip to Lowe's today to get a new hot water heater. Ours was fried after just being worked on about a week ago. That repair was a total waste of money as it turns out. Apparently the heater had developed a leak that dripped onto the wiring and shorted it out. When we got in from our grocery buying trip, we both smelled a 'burning electrical' smell. God was certainly with us because it could have been alot worse. So now we have a new hot water heater and can't complain too much. The fried one lasted us 12 years.

Husband took me out riding around the countryside today so I could try out my new telephoto lens for my Canon Digital XT. I love this camera and the new lens is fantastic. I took a few shots just to get the feel of it. Some of these below are from a local garden center. Who knew they didn't 'allow' people to take photos of their flower inventory?! Now I know but I did get a few shots before I got 'warned'.

God Bless You and have a wonderful week!!

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Susie Jefferson said...

Oh, for goodness' sake! As if anyone can copyright a flower! Or do anything except admire it. What a bunch of meanies.

So glad you got these shots as the photos are wonderful. You definitely have a talent for this!