Friday, October 23, 2009

A giveaway from Collage Visions

If you like collage sheets then you've gotta check out this blog:

She has an Etsy shop with some fantastic digital collage sheets and she's got a contest going with the grand prize of 5 free collage sheets. I love looking at her blog and her sheets. Very inspiring. Check out this generous offer for yourself; good luck!!

Husband and I are going to the NASCAR race in Memphis tomorrow. It's a Nationwide series race (whatever that means). My first race and he is so excited about us going. I'm happy to be going to something that makes him happy; we'll leave it at that LOL!

Happy weekend!!

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1 blog friends left a treasured comment:

Alberta said...

As soon as you said Mississippi, I came straight to your blog and read all the way back to July! Reading about your parents' anniversary party, your beautiful grandchildren, and the books you're reading was like a chat with my old friends from high school and college. Where in MS do you live? I grew up in Meridian and graduated from Mississippi State (so I admit I will have to work on the Ole Miss thing). It's so great to make a new friend from my home state, and, based on how you'll be spending your weekend, I think you must surely be the best wife in the whole world!