Sunday, October 25, 2009

Not exactly a race fan yet, but...

I did enjoy going to the race and having that experience. I may never do it again but I did have a good time. I really felt crappy the entire trip there; this cold that's hanging on. I was afraid a couple of times I was going to have to ask DH to stop and pull over for a while. I made it though and after getting outside and walking around some I felt alot better.

The race was loud, colorful, fast, dull at times, filled with a lot of wrecks, oh, did I saw LOUD!! I had earmuff type ear protectors and they helped a lot. Truth is, they were off more than on. Every 10 or so laps there would be a wreck so the next few laps would be fairly slow til they got the track cleaned off. DH's man, Kyle Busch, came in 2nd place and he was fairly happy with that. We didn't stay for the Bucky Covington concert afterward but headed on home.

Of course, I HAD to get him to take me to the bookstore when we went thru Southaven and just HAD to get two of my favorite Stampington magazines; got the newest Digital Studio and the latest Somerset Memories. I get Somerset Studio by subscription now so I got out of there with only two. I wanted to buy a couple more but held myself back. I wish we had a big bookstore in town but it may be a good thing that we don't. I probably couldn't resist.

DH is getting a cold now and I'm not totally over mine yet. I'm saying it's a cold because I don't want to call it the flu. I did miss work Wednesday and am definitely better but not well yet. Of course, sitting out in the grandstands at the race in the heat and then walking in a cool wind about a mile back to the vehicle probably didn't help. Ah well, we only live once. At least my back and fibro have been better.

Happy week!!

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Tumble Fish Studio said...

It's funny that we have the same blogger glitch and you have to click the time to comment. We're sistahs. Hope you continue to feel better and that DH doesn't get it too bad. This has been a house of sickies lately.

Hey, you won a surprise drawing on my blog. One you didn't even know about. Congratulations!

Trudi Sissons said...

Nice to meet you and thanks for your comment! I'll be back to visit real soon. Hope you're better lickety-split.... yes....f l a 4 letter word these days isn't it?