Monday, November 9, 2009

An award and a rant

First for the good news, I won my very first blog award. Woo hoo!!
It's from Spyder's Corner which is a really nice place to visit so please check out her blog. As I read her blog, I imagine her speaking in an English accent (since she lives 'over there'). If you like, y'all can imagine me speaking in a slow 'suthern drawwwl' and it will give you an idea of my speaking voice.

Now for the rant. I know that we did without computers for many years. I vaguely remember keeping books without the aid of a computer. I remember updating receivable accounts by hand and sending out statements by hand. So how can it be that an entire car dealership is totally *screwed* if the computer goes down. Not even all the way down; just can't communicate with Ford. Internet works, main accounting software works but can't order parts, can't send financial statements, can't send warranty information for payment approval. This has been going on since Friday of last week.

Now, I'm the accounts payable/title clerk for this dealership. I am not nor have never been an IT person. The only qualification I have for being involved in this problem is that I have been using a computer for several years and I was the one who answered the phone when the calls started coming in. I could go on about that unfortunate happening but I won't. Not tonight anyway. I'm exhausted.

The best part of the afternoon was when our IT person made the mistake of walking into the office. I immediately (with absolutely no guilt) passed the phone to him. I mean, I'd been on the phone for TWO HOURS and all I'd determined was that the ISP technician and the router manufacturer technician were blaming it on each other's equipment. I actually could've kissed our IT guy, Brandon, when I saw him walk in if it wouldn't have scared him to death.

So, all that junk was to get you up to date since I haven't posted in quite a while. I really wanted to work on my piece for the Crowabout group tonight but am just too tired. Dancing With the Stars comes on tonight and normally hubby and I would watch that. I really don't think I'll last through all of it tonight though. My brain is just too blitzed to take in too much more information. I need to do something totally brainless. Like this blog post that I hope makes some sense.

I certainly hope y'all's day went better than mine. At least I can laugh about it now which is always a positive sign. Better to laugh than cry, right?!

Big hugs and much love to all!!

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4 blog friends left a treasured comment:

Spyder said...

hehe...I understand this...we have a comical show over here where a man dressed as a 'lady' is sitting at the computer, it doesn't matter what the customer asks, after tapping on the keyboard,the 'lady' says
"The computer says no..." ! If you want to here my (silly) voice, I filmed hubby cooking and our walk to the pub while in Cornwall last year, it's on youtube, the links on my blog!
and also

Jamie said...

You deserve that award Sweetie!! Oh my!! I don't know how you got through today. It is amazing how we depend so much on the technical inventions in our lives. I always marvel about the ledgers that I collect. Those were their "computers" and they were all bound in one neat book. I bet you poor Brandon was wishing he had a ledger to work on yesterday! LOL!!!!! Love you Sweetie! Jamie

Christy said...

Congrats on the award! I know how you feel about the IT stuff. I was overjoyed when my company finally hired someone to take care of it and let me off the hook.

Ozstuff said...

Congratulations on the award!

I really enjoyed your rant about the horrors of dealing with computer problems and just getting someone to listen and actually admit that the problem may be theirs and not yours. I have had three-way arguments with a computer technician, my internet service provider and the telephone company that provides the access for broadband. No-one wants to take responsibility and it becomes a nightmare. You expressed the frustrations of everyone who uses a computer. The good old days for me were when my manual typewriter was exchanged for an electric one! I thought all my Christmases had come at once. Have we really come a long way? I think not.