Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year's Eve - Kickin' it at home

I must be the world's worst blogger; I never get in here to write anything. I did get a laptop today so maybe I'll do better.

DH and I are staying at home tonight and not wishing that we were somewhere else either. Youngest DS is out with his latest girlfriend and they're planning to go to a friend's house and bring in the new year. I just asked him to stay off the roads and not to get too crazy. There's no telling what the oldest DS is doing tonight; probably working his part-time job in security.

Since I now have the laptop, I don't have any excuse not to work on my photos and finish lots of scrapbook pages. While DH watches tv in his recliner, I can sit here to his right (in my recliner) and blog or scrap to my heart's content. That's if I don't get too caught up finding funny stuff on YouTube or elsewhere online.

Heard from a high school friend earlier this week. She's now teaching computer classes to elementary age kids. She says her high school friends are always surprised to hear what she's doing now; I'm no exception. I would never have imagined her teaching kids. I'm glad she has the patience for it; my portion of that virtue is very limited.

Anyone stumbling across this blog, stay safe and don't give up on me. I'll get disciplined about blogging one day.

I just realized that every post I have made refers to my inferior blogging skills. Okay, I will do better; or at least not mention how bad I am in every post I make.

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