Thursday, January 1, 2009

Brand New Year!

For alot of people, today marks the beginning of a new start, another chance to try again, the repetition of the same old promises to ourselves or others. I haven't made resolutions in a long time; it seems they only add pressure when we don't live up to them or we totally forget about them.

I do make a promise to myself at this time: I will take better care of myself by eating healthier and making a more determined effort at exercise. At the very least, I will feel better on a daily basis. I owe myself this as well as owe my family, friends and employers better than what I've been doing lately. Fibromyalgia is enough to deal with by itself; adding to it by eating junk and not taking care of my health just adds to an already challenging situation.

A co-worker and myself have told each other that we are going to lose some weight. I know that we can both do it because we've done it before. My problem is that I lose momentum and then lose my motivation. I let excuses and special occasions drag my eating habits down mentally so that it affects me physically as well. I promise to do better; while I certainly want to lose weight and get into smaller clothes, I desperately need to simply eat healthier choices for the personal wellness aspect of it.

On another note, I do believe it is going to be alot easier to keep up with the blogging now that I have the laptop. It's so easy to sit down in my favorite chair and pick up the laptop and start just chatting away with my fingers.

Brad and all his crew will be here Sunday according to the phone call from him this morning. We'll have our Christmas celebration with them Sunday evening. Hopefully they will be able to be here for several days so that we'll have lots of time to visit. I have to work each of those weekdays so the evening hours are all I'll have to spend with them. I can hardly wait to see the whole group; I really have missed all of them. Especially the 'babies'.

Just chillin' today and getting more familiar with the laptop and Vista. So far Vista hasn't been nearly as bad as I was hearing from everyone. I'm sure I'd feel differently if I couldn't find files I needed for work purposes.

I have loaded some photos onto the laptop today and have edited them. I use Photoshop Elements 5 by Adobe. It is GREAT software and I've not scratched the surface of all it is capable of doing. I'll post one here of Blake, my youngest son who's 24. I've not posted photos on here before so it may take me a bit to get that done.

Everyone have a great New Year's Day and may God Bless You and all those you love.

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