Friday, January 2, 2009

What a day!

First day back at work and it was wild. First day of the month and the year AND the first day back to work after a holiday, whew! The first 10 days of the month are always tough due to closing out the previous month while getting into the beginning of a new one. It seems like everything comes due or needs doing at the same time. Phone rang off the hook all day too; we all stayed busy today and the day just flew by.

DH and I went on our weekly grocery shopping trip tonight to the local, trusty Wal-Mart Super Center. Will we ever get out of there for less than $100? I doubt it; not unless we're running in for only one item and actually end up buying 10 rather than 20 or more.

I bought lots of 'diet' food to get started on my weight loss, get healthy lifestyle. Last year about this time, I started following the Weight Watchers Points plan online. Mom joined the online group and she and I share the site. She tracks her progress on the site and I just use it to get info and motivation. I'm anxious and excited to get started but dreading the hunger pangs that pop up; especially the first few days.

DH got all the floor and most of the baseboards down on our new living/dining room floor. It looks gorgeous and I am so happy with it. He picked up a generic brown rug today to go under the dining room table to help protect the floor. I'm planning on getting a really nice, decorative rug when I find one that I really like. DH and youngest DS got some of the furniture moved back in; we hope to have it all moved in before the oldest DS and his family get here Sunday evening.

We keep a baby gate pulled across the opening to the dining room from the kitchen to keep the dog out of there. She's pretty well-trained but I don't want to take any chances. She's not going to be very happy when the grandkids come in Sunday evening. Kids make her so nervous; she's not used to little people. She'll probably stay locked in our bedroom most of the time they're here.

Rambling on but it really is therapeutic for me to type out what I'm thinking. Everyone should try this even if it's only for you alone to read; I would suggest trying this before spending money on a shrink. That's just my opinion though.

God Bless You

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