Friday, March 20, 2009

Back from the lazy!

Haven't had anything to say so I haven't been saying it :-) Tonight I'm cruising the internet looking for freebie collage sheets to use in scrapbooking, atc's, etc. I've got several links to share here that you may find interesting if you're into any of that stuff. I'll just list them because they're all good and I really don't have a preference for one over the other yet:

1. Ewe-N-Me Printables blog

2. Art Freebies blog

3. Ten Two Studios

4. Altered Stuff Blog

5. Lorri's Blog

All of these have freebies and links to other sites with freebies. I love, love, love vintage images and am really interested in trying some altered art projects.

My first project now though is a themed photo album minus the photos. I want to gift someone with a handmade photo album for them to put their own photos into. I've got to find just the perfect album for that and I've gotta do it quickly.

I am off this weekend and Nelson and I hope to go bass fishing tomorrow afternoon. It's forecast to be around 68 degrees (Fahrenheit) so that should make for a really nice afternoon. I always take the camera with me when we go out like that. I'm always hoping for 'that perfect shot' and I have been lucky enough a few times to come close to it.

There is so much negativity on the news and surrounding us daily at this point in time. I just want to project positivity (is that a word?) and override some of the doom and gloom. I know this country is in serious shape but that is no reason to forget our many blessings and all the good that we tend to take for granted, is it?

I'm so grateful for my faith, my family, my job (really, really grateful for the job right now!) and all my wonderful, faithful friends and co-workers. I can always depend on someone I'm close to to make me laugh or at least smile. I hope I do the same for others.

One thing I'm extremely thankful for is that I still have both my parents living near me. I know that life is short and none of us are here forever; I have always been very close to both my parents and I really enjoy having them so close.

Wow, I had alot on my mind for someone who hasn't had much to say lately. I hope all of you have a wonderful weekend!! God Bless You

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