Friday, March 6, 2009

Ready for the weekend!

The weather is supposed to be nice for most of the weekend I think and I hope to get out and enjoy it. I have got some things to take care of inside as well; I want to organize closets and start pulling out spring and summer clothes. Part of me dreads going thru all the clothes from last year; I'm not looking forward to seeing how tight some of those clothes are.

Nelson plans on fishing most of the weekend probably and I may go with him for part of that too. Weekends just aren't long enough to do all we'd like to do, are they?

I'm just getting started on reading 'Fireproof'. I've heard so many good things about the movie and Mom has read the book and gave it a rave review. I have to be in the mood to read serious books or novels or I can't make myself finish them. There are times that all I want to read are 'fluff' books...books that let me escape reality and act as a tension reliever from normal, everyday life.

Nelson and I ate at Grand Palace, the local Chinese restaurant, tonight. It was very good; their buffet is really good. That is the first time we've eaten there in a long time but we both agree we'll be going more often.

Sorry for the utterly boring post; just wanted to check in since it's been awhile since I posted anything. I'll share a site I ran across that is somewhat interesting to me and hopefully to you as well. It's a site that showcases tattoos (something I do not have even one of). It's titled Rate My Ink and the title is exactly what the site lets you do. You can rate people's tattoos and some of the comments are pretty harsh. Take a peek here.

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