Friday, April 17, 2009

Men and their toys

Nelson got his 'new' 2006 Tundra yesterday; he's thrilled with it. He says it's better than he expected. Working at a car dealership keeps me in contact with alot of 'experts' and those who've seen the Tundra say that we got a really good deal. It does ride very well and looks sharp too :-) Here's a photo of Nelson with his new toy:

I'm glad he's so happy with it and that he found one that turned out to be a good deal. He has been wanting a Tundra for a long time; he says this is his last truck purchase. We'll see about that though haha

For the past two days we have been so busy at work that it's been simply exhausting. All the strange, odd, off-the-wall requests and characters have popped up over the last couple of days. I get home so tired that I can barely think; it's not a physical fatigue but a mental one. I feel like my brain needs to 'defrag' and get a RAM extension. My supervisor is off next week and I'll be handling some of her duties as well as my own. She has been training me for about 3 weeks now on some of the more particular aspects of her job and I pray that I've learned it well enough to do her proud. She's the best supervisor and a fantastic teacher; she explains things well enough for me to catch on but she also lets me learn by doing it myself which is the best way for me to learn something.

My brother, Jerry, called tonight and we talked for a long time. He'll be here tomorrow with his family for a weekend visit. They'll be staying at Mom's tomorrow night; I'm looking forward to visiting with them. I've missed seeing my nephew and niece, Thomas and Kristina. I wish the weather outlook was more positive for a sunny weekend and nice temperatures. It's supposed to start raining after midnight tonight and go thru the entire weekend according to one forecast. Oh well, the plants need rain and I'll be glad when my peonies bloom in all their gaudy glory.

My clematis plant is covered in blooms now and a few irises have already bloomed or are blooming now. My peonies are loaded with buds and I fervently hope they don't get beaten down by a heavy rain so their blooms will be the show-stoppers that I know they can be. I absolutely LOVE my peonies; I call them my babies this time of year. I babied them the first couple of years after planting and it was well worth it. They're established now and are so gorgeous when they bloom. They'll be blooming soon if all goes well and I'll definitely post photos of them here.

Been facebooking some but not as much as when I first signed up on there. I just don't have the time to keep up with all the networking sites and have not even been to Twitter to see what all the buzz is about. My daughter-in-law sent me an email tonight asking me to 'twitter' but I haven't decided yet if I'll even try it. Between work and life in general, I feel like I've already got enough to keep up with.

We hope to see Sara and Sam this weekend, probably Sunday afternoon. I'd love to see the other 3 grandkids but we need longer than a weekend for a trip to Huntsville, AL. I'm glad they're there though and not still in Okinawa. I sure do miss seeing them; it's been several months now since we saw them.

I've rambled enough; will wish all of you a good evening and pray that God blesses you in all you do. Until next time...

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