Monday, April 20, 2009

My new toy

Though my new toy is much less expensive than Nelson's new truck, I think I'll have alot of fun with it anyway. I got a Wacom pen tablet to help with my digital photography tweaking and I got it set up tonight. I'll use it on the desktop PC rather than the laptop because of the room needed. My tv tray doesn't have enough room for the laptop AND the pen tablet lol. It will definitely take some practice to get proficient with the tablet but I think I will love it soon.

Busy day at work but my first day filling in for 'the boss' went fine. I didn't blow anything up and as far as I know, all went well. I hope the rest of this week is as smooth as today turned out to be.

Watching Dancing With the Stars and I don't know who my favorite is. I wanted Ty to do really well but Gils is probably my pick to win. He is so good and makes it look so easy. Melissa is great too; it's tough to choose. Glad I'm not a judge.

Nelson and I got to do some yard work before the rain started Saturday; I got a few plants thinned out to take to a friend. I hope to get some more thinning done later this week. One of the salesmen at work has been bringing in irises the last couple of weeks and they are so beautiful. He brought some yellow ones today that are absolutely breathtaking. I'm not really partial to the color yellow but they look so great mixed with other pastel colors. Now I'm wanting some yellow irises :-) It's a good thing I've got a big yard to plant things in.

Maybe next blog I'll have something really great to talk about. Or maybe I'll have some examples of the fantastic digital creations I'm sure to produce now that I have a pen tablet haha.

God Bless You

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