Thursday, January 7, 2010

Mississippi Weather Update

It's danged cold! My gosh, we are not used to prolonged periods of frigid temps like this. We've seen a few snowflakes around here and a little ice. As long as the ice doesn't bring down power lines and all the other horrible things it can bring I'm fine with the snow. But pipes are freezing all over town. Luckily we're old enough to know better and have prepared for that as best we can. There is a winter freeze warning and severe winter weather advisory in effect.

We have no neighbors that need us to check on them but sadly, there have been deaths in Mississippi due to the freezing temps. If any of you are dealing with cold weather (and most of us are) please, please check on any elderly neighbors or anyone else you can think of that might need it. Alot of people are just not equipped to handle weather like this.

No images to share tonight; I'm cuddled up staying warm and about to head for bed. Seems I'm an early-to-bed type more and more often lately. My plan for this cold weekend is to play in my craft room and post more of the images from the Dumas book.

Everyone stay safe and warm; God Bless You!

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Tammy said...

Hi lady! Thanks so much for stopping by and saying hello on my blog. If you haven't entered to win my giveaway, please do so. It is so cold here too. Today we had a warm spell. It hit 30. The warmest it's been in a couple of weeks.
The colder it is the earlier I am finding myself sleepy. The thrill of a warm and cozy bed is too much to put off. lol
Have fun in your craft room. I am going to get some things created too. We have a weekly challenge at Inspiration Avenue

A Dancing Mango said...

Hi Theresa,
Thank you for stopping by..
I live in Wisconsin.. I always tell my hubby, "This place ought to be for penguins only"..!
If you would like to see or feel cold.. drive north.. lol
I am so sorry for the people that were lost.. I will keep them and there families in prayer.
Hugs, Darlene xo

Jamie said...

Stay warm Sweetie!! We are in the low 20's for the next couple of days. In Texas! Can't believe it:) I hope your Christmas was wonderful. Are you ready to resume our daily texting? LOL!! I am ready! Love, Jamie

Carmen said...

It's SO cold here in the UK at the moment. They posted a satellite picture of our country on the news and the whole country was pure white. I said to my partner - it's like a new ice age... and then 10 minutes later they said the same thing on the news :D I'm sure we are not going to be quite that bad but it is cold and disruptive all the same. Trains are stopped in my area, schools are closed, people are panic buying in the shops... it's madness.

Cindy Is Crafty said...

Stay warm and stay safe, Theresa!

itsaheartthang said...

Hi Theresa! Happy New Year :) We are super cold here in TX as well. SO weird. I think we are supposed to get down to 20 tonight which is VERY strange for us! Keep warm and bundly!! Your blog looks fabulous.

The Feathered Nest said...

Hi Theresa!!! We're so cold here too but you saw our joke of a snow fall!! Still the temps are crazy cold for Georgia as I know they must be where you are too ~ stay warm sweet friend!!! hugs and love, Dawn

Linda in New Mexico said...

Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr cold everywhere. I am having a hard time thinking it could possibly that cold in Georgia though.

I know this is your individual and copywrited site but I do have a techno question. My granddaughter and I just set up her blogging diary, not open to the public and I just love your cursor. Can you tell us where we might go to purchase or get something like yours? It is too wonderful. Thanks so much, Linda in New Mexico