Thursday, January 28, 2010

Nelson now in regular room

Nelson has moved out of ICU into a regular room and is doing so well. His pain has been very easily managed today. He even went 2 hours past the 'allowed' time tonight. He could have had a pain shot at 7 p.m. and didn't ask for it until 9 p.m.   I take that as a good sign.  I am so proud of how well he's handled everything so far. He had a really rough first night (last night) but has made a remarkable turn-around today. He said when they got the drain tube and packing out, it was the best pain relief he's ever felt.

He's been walking down the hall and even that was before the pain shot. He had to go find his favorite nurse that we met last weekend. Tonya is her name and she is working on the other side of this floor. Not one that we'll see much of while we're here. She's an LPN studying for her RN degree and she will make a top-notch employee at whatever she wants to do. She is caring, sympathetic and being very pretty doesn't hurt either haha

The quality of care at this hospital is fantastic. Everyone from every department has been very kind and caring. Room 344 could use some decor additions but otherwise, it's a great place LOL!

Thank you all for the prayers, support and love that you've shown us. I am overwhelmed by how many people have responded to my requests for prayers. My Facebook, email and cell phone have all gotten a good workout this week. I hate to see my cell phone text message bill. I have a limited plan because I rarely use the texting feature. This week, however, I've been on it several times a day and sending to several people at once. Wonder if Nelson's medical insurance will cover that? LOL

God Bless You and please continue to pray for us; prayer WORKS!

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Jamie said...

This is fantastic news Sweetie!!! He is being such a trooper and moving to a regular room is fantastic. I hope you are taking care of you right now too. Get some rest over the weekend when you can!! Love, Jamie

TheresainMS said...

Thanks Jamie; we are very blessed. He's getting stronger every day and his recovery is progressing right on target according to the doctor. Prayers are working :-)