Monday, January 25, 2010

Quick update on Nelson's surgery

Had a whirlwind weekend. Nelson had a heart cath scheduled for this past Friday. We 'thought' we'd be home Friday night either with a clean bill of health or with stents. Nope. He will be having bypass surgery this Wednesday, the 27th, at the Baptist Hospital in Oxford, Mississippi. A great heart doctor, Dr. Purden, and gifted surgeon, Dr. Deese, will be taking care of him. Of course, we're nervous and a little scared but our faith is unshakeable. God is good and is The Great Healer!

Nelson is not hurting at all. We're told he's an ideal candidate for this procedure since he's in such great health and has no heart damage from prior heart attacks. 

He and I both ask for your prayers as we go through this next few weeks. I'll be in and out checking emails from time to time for the next week or so. I hope to be able to get online from the hospital but am not sure of that. We're definitely taking the laptop for him to have the DVD player at least.

I told Nelson he was only carrying 'MY' heart in his body anyway so he better get it repaired and keep it that way :-)

Thanks for all the good thoughts and prayers. We appreciate them more than we're able to express. God Bless You!

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Susie Jefferson said...

Oh my goodness Theresa - I've only just seen this! I am so sorry to hear Nelson needed an op, but so glad it has all gone well. And that you are feeling better too!

All good wishes winging your way (and saying a little prayer, too). Much love,

TheresainMS said...

Hey Susie, the bypass surgery is in the morning. We are nervous but not scared. We both have great Faith in our Heavenly Father and know that it is all in His Hands. Thank you for the sweet words and especially the prayers. The hospital does have free internet access (Yippee!) so I'll be updating from there.


Cindy Shea said...

Hi Theresa, I'm sending you both warm wishes for a speedy recovery. Believe it or not the actual bypass surger is a better option than the stents becuase the stents tend to block right back up due to their poor design. Having the actual bypass will clear the arteries up much better and for a longer period of time...I speak from personal family experience here. :)

Cindy Is Crafty said...

I will say a little prayer for y'all!

TheresainMS said...

Thanks ladies; he's doing great and I'll post an update soon. Surgery is a success though, to put it in a nutshell. More later!!

Jamie said...

"I told Nelson he was only carrying 'MY' heart in his body anyway so he better get it repaired and keep it that way." That is one of the sweetest things I have ever heard Theresa. I Posted a longer comment in the post above. Love, Jamie