Saturday, June 20, 2009

Bit gets a Bath

Our terrier mix recently got a bath and I got some photos of the process. She does not like a bath but she doesn't fight too bad. Nelson gets into the large garden tub with her to bathe her; that's the only way to get it done without pulling every muscle in your back. Little Bit is our only dog at the moment and she's more like a child than a pet. Blake calls her his 'little sister' because he says we spoil her terribly. I readily admit she gets alot of my attention; as far as I'm concerned she deserves it! She never talks back and is alot easier to deal with than the boys were when they were growing up. Bit is 12 now and it's hard to believe she's been with us that long.

Of course, after her bath it takes forever to get her dry because her fur is so thick. Then it takes major work to get the tub cleaned out due to all the dog hair and dirt caked in it. Bit races through the house and rubs all over the carpet to get dried off which leaves hair all over the carpet. She always smells so good though right after a bath and her fur is so silky. Of course, one trip outside and she smells like a dog again and her fur loses that shiny, silky look. We wait as long as we can and then do it all over again. I'm glad Nelson does it; I don't know if my back could handle it.

When it's warm we sometimes give her the bath outside on the back deck but she's been known to get away from us. She'll immediately run out in the grass and rub around in it trying to dry off. Trial and error has taught us it's easier to bathe her inside in the tub. At least that way, we can close the bathroom doors and keep her confined to that small space.

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