Sunday, June 21, 2009

Hummingbird Haven

A few weeks ago our back deck was THE gathering place for neighborhood hummingbirds. Mom lives across the road and she commented that her hummers had suddenly disappeared. I told her I must have stolen them away with better food because we had a dozen or so dining at our place. Last summer was even better; at one time we counted 26 hummers hanging around at one time. We had two feeders up at that time and we could have used two more. Here's a photo of one of our hummers who was visiting about 2 weeks ago.

We also have alot of wasps who've taken up residence. Many more wasps than hummers, in fact. Our hummers seem to have taken off for more interesting locales. I haven't seen any in quite awhile. Nelson said he saw a single hummer last week but I think it may have been wishful thinking on his part. He absolutely LOVES hummingbirds and could sit for hours just watching them. He has a quiet, still nature anyway and he never tires of sitting perfectly still to see how close the hummers will get to him. He's had them get within inches of him and I've never seen him so delighted. Here's one more photo to share; this one of a wasp taking his meal along with the hummingbird.

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lilylovekin said...

Theresa, thank you for visiting my blog. I consider myself very lucky to get such a great gift from Tumblefish, and also a greater gift to count Marsha as a friend. Your photos of the hummingbirds are terrific all I ever get is a blur. Lorrie