Monday, July 20, 2009

Granddaddy B and Addy

This is a pic of my Dad and my granddaughter, Adelyn. I guess men and their 'girls' have a special bond because my Dad is a different person around his granddaughters and great-granddaughters. Addy is a delight; a very good child and easy to keep entertained.

Payton is staying with us this week and we are having so much fun. He and I are watching Spider-Man right now. Of course, I'm blogging at the same time and can handle both tasks simultaneously because I've seen Spider-Man so many times already. In fact, this copy is on VHS and I have the only VHS player in the house in my bedroom so that's where we are. Hard to believe anyone even watches anything on VHS anymore but here we are :-)

Payton's laughter is something I would pay any amount I could come up with to hear. It's infectious and one of the most beautiful sounds on this planet. All 5 of our grandchildren are extra-good kids; all of them are so very well-behaved. I guess most grandparents feel that way but we really have been very blessed. I thank God that our kids and grandkids are healthy and happy.

Work was great today; I got alot done and everyone was in a pretty good mood. I am so glad that I enjoy my job; I've worked at places that I really did not enjoy my co-workers or the atmosphere and it is a miserable experience.

Payton decided he was ready to go to bed so he's gone over to my Mom's house aka Grandma B. We're letting him sleep over there so he doesn't have to get up so early with us going in to work. Mom and Dad are retired and they love having him over there with him. He's so easy to see after that he's the easiest one for them to keep. His brother and sister are more 'lively' and harder for Mom and Dad to keep up with. Hard for this 'Nana' to keep up with too lol

God Bless and have a great Tuesday!!

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