Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Important Notice

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Due to negative actions that a friend of mine experienced, she came up with this graphic to post on blogs, etc. of artists of all types. The link information that must be posted with the graphic is important too so if you'd like to use the graphic on your blog, please get the image and accompanying link information from this flickr site. The link if you want to cut and paste it into an email, etc. is .

Take a look at the other images available at the flickr site too and remember that artists work very hard on their creations. Please don't take either the image or their ideas and claim them as your own. This is very important to anyone involved in the arts no matter what form their talents take.

I'm spending time with Payton tonight; we've watched a Thumbelina movie and are now watching Arthur and the Invisibles. These children's movies are much better than anything that's been on television lately.

God Bless and have a great evening!

2 blog friends left a treasured comment:

Jamie said...

I LOVE Arthur and the Invisibles!!!! We watch it all the time:) Kids movies are really good these days. I am adding Marsha's badge today also. Thank you for supporting the movement sweetie! Love, Jamie

Tumble Fish Studio said...

Thank you, thank you for putting this up and jumping in on the project! You're a sweetheart and it means a lot to a lot of us!

By the way, finally figured out how to comment your blog - duh, should've figured it out a long time ago since you have to do something similar on mine!