Friday, July 31, 2009

Grandkids are gone and it's too quiet!

All the grandkid-lets left on Sunday and it's been so very quiet here this week. It's been rather slow at work til the last couple of days (Cash for Clunkers is CHAOS!). I've been reading blogs and envying others' way with words and their artistic abilities. Sitting in envy is not getting any crafting done at my own house either, let me tell you!

I'm reading the 'Ya-Ya' trilogy and I can't believe I've waited this long to read these books. They're wonderful! I'll definitely have to keep an eye out for Rebecca Wells' novels. My maiden name is even one of the names she uses in the 2nd book which makes me wonder if I am indeed of French heritage. I'd heard we were but noone in the family seemed to know for sure. At least noone I've ever talked with about it. Wonder if that's why I've always felt drawn to coastal Louisiana and the Cajun dialect has always held a fascination for me? If it weren't so blamed hot and humid down there I think I could be happy living down there in the N'awlins area. Not the Bourbon Street side of the city, but the old and decaying parts that reek of history and dark secrets.

I have to work tomorrow for half a day and then need to pick up some groceries. It's the 1st day of the month though which means the stores will be wild. AND to top everything off, it's no sales tax day on clothes and shoes. I don't remember ever having one of those before so that ought to be interesting. I really have no desire to fight crowds but I need to get food and STUFF.

I'm thinking of trying Alli, the fat-blocking drug that's FDA approved. I know without a doubt that if I'm taking that I will NOT over-indulge on fat because of the 'treatment effects' that may occur. They sound positively dreadful and definitely not something I want to experience while at work. I don't want to get graphic but if you want to know about Alli, go to and read up on the program.

I have a treadmill that I haven't been on in ages which is inexcusable. It's sitting right here in the bedroom and has done nothing but accumulate dust for months, many months! Oh well, enough grousing. Before signing off I'll post some pics of the kids that were taken while they were here visiting.

Our youngest grandchild just turned 1 year old and we went to his birthday party this past weekend. Here are a couple of pics; one of Sam and one of his sister, Sara.

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