Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Cash for Clunkers

Oh my; I'm simply too tired to put into words how much work this government program to help car buyers has turned into. Cash for Clunkers is the program that the government came up with where if you trade in a gas guzzler for a new vehicle that gets better mileage, the government will allow you money towards that purchase. That's a very simplified description and of course there are a TON of hoops for the dealership to jump through since it's a government program. I'm sure it's a great deal for the buyer and we have sold quite a few vehicles but since I'm on the paperwork end of all these sales, it's had me in a bit of a 'tizzy' today haha!!

Just popping in to record my status with my 'Fit by 50' quest; so far so good. Yep, it's only been 3 days in all but that's 3 days that I was good rather than bad. I have not done any kind of exercise yet and with all that's going on at work, it may be a bit before I can. Stress of any kind, physical or mental, always hits me in my lower back. Guess that's where my weak spot is. After all the back problems I've had I'm not surprised. It sure does get old dealing with it though.

Actually I did have a great day and have been surfing a few blogs tonight. There is so much incredible talent out there; I'm just in awe of the beautiful art that's to be found on the web. I LOVE cruising around blogs I've heard about and then seeing what blogs they follow to find even more fabulous eye candy. Here's one I found tonight; hope you enjoy Nancy Baumiller's blog as much as I do.

Here's hoping you have a wonderful Wednesday and God Bless You!

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Jamie said...

Way to go Sweetie!!! Can I tag along with you Theresa? I was SUPPOSED to be Fit By Forty. But that was a month ago and here I sit! I would be happy to be your accountablitiy partner if you would like one. I always do better with some support. I love Nancy's blog so much too:) Have a wonderful day sweetie! Love, Jamie