Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Junk Finds

Went junkin' last Saturday and found quite a few good items; all bought for less than $15! I can hardly wait to get some time to work on some ideas using these goodies. I'll post a big photo of all I got today and then post close-ups of individual items with detailed info in days to come.

Left to right: old newspapers, spools of thread (mostly wooden), old theater program, Father's Day card with personal message intact, metal bird, old report cards, vintage advertisement, a typed play [pageant] written in 1947, old tape measure, various product containers, bingo numbers and wooden checkers, wire egg cup (?), plastic baby ornament, spice rack.

I have found so many fantastic ideas and images on the web and now I want to give back to the web community as well. I also want to share some of my art too. I've done more collecting than creating lately and I want to change that.

My sister, brother and I are hosting a 50th anniversary party for my parents in October. That will keep me fully occupied until it's over and there probably won't be much time for creating. I hope to at least complete a few small items and get them posted. I've been putting it off for alot of reasons but I'm hoping if I get a few things completed and posted that it will unleash a torrent of creativity from me. Maybe this weekend I can get at least ONE thing done and posted :-)

Cash for Clunkers is over as far as anything we can do at this point. All we need now is for the gov't to issue some funds. Hopefully it won't be the nightmare some are predicting it will be. I'm just glad we're aren't as busy as we were. We've had a couple of days that we could actually get some 'normal' work done.

Nelson and I moved Blake into Ole Miss this past Sunday. I talked to him a few minutes tonight and he sounds so happy. He had found some guys to hang out with and had spent some time in 'The Grove' playing frisbee and just having a good time. I imagine he's got many more good times ahead. Especially since Ole Miss is known as 'the party school' LOL

Have a wonderful Thursday and God Bless You

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