Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Turning into my mother

I have the best mother in the world; she's wise, loving, understanding and a true vision of grace and beauty. I don't mind that I look exactly like her and I can only hope and pray that I age as gracefully and kindly as she has. I catch myself saying things or thinking things and then immediately thinking 'Oops, guess I'm showing my age' or 'Gosh, that sounds like something Mom would say'.

The event that brought on all this introspection is the glut of sex-themed content on television. I mean, it's bad enough that most of the so-called 'acting' on television is centered on sex. When I say 'acting', I mean the actual programs that aren't REALITY TV. I watch tv to get AWAY from reality most of the time, not see more of it! :-)

Is it just me or doesn't it seem that 90% of the commercials are using sex to sell everything from deodorant to vehicles? I don't think I'm a prude and I TRY to be 'cool' and not too 'old school'. I guess I've finally hit the point, however, that I'm just tired of being constantly shown half-naked, sweaty people jumping at each other in a commercial to sell a simple product like blue jeans.

I often think of my grandchildren and wonder how much they'll actually be exposed to in their young lives? How much of what they see and accept as 'the norm' would have shocked my parents speechless if it were aired when I was a child? Even the so-called 'children's channels' are showing content that I really don't want my grandchildren exposed to.

I fear for my great-grandchildren. With all that is allowed to be shown on television today, it won't surprise me a bit if there is no such thing as privacy or respect for a couple's intimate lives during their lifetime. It is my belief that the more we are exposed to subjects that 'push the envelope', the more accepting we become of yet a little more than our parents were comfortable with. This is a continuous journey that inevitably will end badly. The line between public acts and private ones seems to be fading too quickly.

Just my opinion and rambling thoughts on this Wednesday evening. Have a wonderful Thursday and God Bless You.

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Anonymous said...

If that's the gauge for "getting old" then I'm right up there with you. I hate all the crap on tv these days. I guess that's why I wind up watching Savy's cartoons instead of adult programming.