Saturday, August 1, 2009

Has this ever happened to you?

Yesterday and today have had some weird happenings. Someone called my office yesterday and when they gave me their name it startled me for a moment. She said her name is 'Theresa Boyette'. Well, that is my maiden name. I was actually struck speechless for a moment. (Rare occurrence) Before she hung up I told her of the coincidence and she and I both got a chuckle out of it.

Later last night I was reading one of the 'Ya Ya Sisterhood' novels and the name 'Boyette' is used for one of the background characters. This had me thinking if the name is actually of French heritage like I've heard from distant family members. Louisiana Cajun country is the setting for the Ya Ya novels so it's quite possible.

THEN TODAY, I was cruising some of my favorite blogs when I stumbled across someone with the last name 'Boyett' which is the spelling most of my family actually uses. We use the 'e' at the end because my Dad stumbled across his birth certificate when I was around 11 years old and he noticed that his name did indeed have an 'e' at the end; we ended up changing the spelling of our last name when I was almost a teenager. Enough to confuse anyone, huh? :-)

It's almost a deja vu feeling for me to run across an unusual name like that 3 times in just a short time; less than 48 hours. Not really deja vu but I don't know what other word would describe it. A definite coincidence or is it? I've had similar experiences before though not with my name. It makes me wonder if there's something God's trying to tell me or bring my attention to. I have been extra-sensitive to the little happenings today; trying to figure out if there's a message not immediately apparent.

I even felt my stomach flutter when I ran across the blog comment of the woman who shares my last name. I left a comment at her blog just to say hello and tell her of our shared name. Are we connected by a bloodline? Who knows. I just know it's not a very common name; not in this area at least. It's always been a name I'm proud of even though some of my relatives may not be the type you would drag around with you to show off to those you want to impress. LOL I'm sure there are relatives who feel the same about me :-)

Have a great weekend and God Bless You

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Jamie said...

Ok Theresa. That is just too many coincidences! Wow! I hope the blogger writes you back soon:) It would be so neat if ya'll were related!

Your Grandbabies are the cutest kids!!! I loved all the photos you shared. I bet the house is quiet! LOL!! Have a wonderful weekend sweetie! Love, Jamie