Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Early spring?

It has felt like spring the last couple of days; complete with rain showers. Luckily we missed the big rains that were forecast for us and only got a few minutes of intense rain. The wind, however, was another matter. It was ferocious most all day. You had to be careful any time you opened a door to the outside as it would be snatched out of your hand. One of the doors at work will slam back on your fingers very quickly if you're not paying attention. I avoided that door most all day.

Finally getting old files moved and new files in place. I'm almost through with all that for the files I'm responsible for. I had some good help today. One of the guys from another department helped me and it made the job go so much faster. It also saved my back alot of pain to let his younger muscles do the heavy lifting part. Just one more thing that males are good for :-)

I was headed to work one day this week and saw a huge crow on the side of the road. I couldn't believe he was so close to the moving traffic so I kept watching him while I waited at a red light. It turns out he had a small stick in his beak and I presume he was building a nest somewhere close. It made me think of how close spring really is. It also made me grateful that I don't have to rebuild my house every year like the birds do. I'm sure most of them return to old nests but they most likely have alot of repair work to do even on those. I'm glad my 'nest' doesn't require that much work to be a comfortable haven for me and my family.

I've been cruising through Flickr and some of the images there are simply amazing. I love vintage images and I could literally spend days clicking through all the offerings at this wonderful site. I salute whomever started Flickr and the wonderful contributors who keep it going. There is a group with images galore for absolutely ANY subject you can think of. It's a great resource for school reports and similar endeavors.

God Bless You and have a wonderful week!

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Christy said...

The wind was terrible here yesterday too. When I took Savy out of her stroller to put her in the van, the wind blew the stroller all the way across the parking lot. It even blew our big, heavy grill off our patio.