Thursday, February 12, 2009

I'd Rather Be Outside

That was my thought all day today because the weather was so gorgeous! I stayed plenty busy at work but it would have been nice to be enjoying the warmer temperature we had today too. I bet all the cold weather isn't gone yet though.

A routine day for the most part so I'll just give you a website that I found today on my 'wacky website a day' calendar. It's List Verse and has lists of all kinds of interesting items. Looks like one of those sites that I could get lost in for hours.

That's my main problem with surfing the web; I get sidetracked and spend hours just 'looking'. It always surprises me when I realize how long I've been online. Good thing I don't have small kids at home because I'd be an inattentive mother.

I'm glad my kids are grown for alot of other reasons too. Nelson says he can't wait to get the last one out of the house. We just have Blake still at home now and he will (please God) be at Ole Miss starting this fall.

Have a wonderful evening and God Bless You!

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