Saturday, February 21, 2009

Quiet few days

Been really quiet in our lives lately so nothing to write about. I've been surfing the web (for hours at a time [shhhhh, don't tell]) looking at artists' sites and blogs. There are some VERY talented people out there and I am so jealous of their abilities. I'm working on some photo projects this weekend that I hope to post here when finished. I'm feeling creative lately but can't seem to settle on what exact form to pour that creativity into.

Saw my eye doctor today and got a good report. I did have a slight change in my left eye so I have to get new contacts and glasses. I knew something was off with my vision and I'm hoping this change accounts for my recent headaches.

My 'wacky website calendar' offering for today is a 'whack a mole' game. It's a java game so it's not as sophisticated as others I've seen but it's good for older computers. The object of the game is to whack the moles before they ruin your yard. It's actually too late at my house because the moles have been having far too much fun creating underground roadways. Their buddies, the armadillo family, have been excavating some deep holes for themselves too. If you're interested in checking out the game, go to this site to 'whack a mole'. Have fun!

I'll share a couple of pics of my husband and I with 2 of our grandkids, Sam and Sara. These 2 live closer than our other 3 and we get to see them more often.

Have a great weekend and God Bless You

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